Carmen Monoxide

A former teacher with a lifelong passion for the bizarre and filthy, Carmen Monoxide (she/her) also works as a professional Domme, sex educator, and relationship coach. She has presented for Dark Odyssey, A Touch of Flavor, Ohio SMART, Black Rose, Indecent Enterprises, BESS, The Baltimore Playhouse, and Studio 58. She sometimes takes her clothes off and performs onstage and on camera, and is passionate about helping people overcome fear and shame in order to have authentic, fulfilling, sexy experiences.

Carmen Monoxide's Workshops

Character Development for Roleplay - Carmen Monoxide

Sexual roleplay tends to rely a lot on stereotypes and costumes, which is super fun! But if you're looking for the next step in this area of kink, or are finding you fall out of character once things heat up, this class is for you. It will cover nuanced character and world building, finding motivation and characterization, and methods for staying in character throughout your scene.

G-Spot and P-Spot Stimulation - Carmen Monoxide

The G-spot (and its counterpart, the prostate or P-spot) is a tiny but powerful little bundle of nerve endings that can send your partner into outer space when stimulated. After a brief discussion on the history of this hot button topic we will explain and demonstrate several methods of finding and hitting the sweet spots both manually and with toys. (Note for event organizers: G-spot content can also be combined with an abbreviated version of the Gush class).

Tread on Me! Topping with the Lower Body - Carmen Monoxide

This course covers a myriad of ways to cause pain using the hips, legs and feet. We'll demonstrate and practice effective and safe kicking, stomping, trampling, and leg holds, discuss how footwear choices can affect a scene, and go over different ways to use the lower body for sadism and humiliation.