AbundantMischief is a queer polyamorous toppy switch, gleeful sadomasochist, and enthusiastic boot fetishist. She has been active in the Northeast US kink community for over 15 years, and enjoys bringing crossover knowledge from her 2 decades of experience as a professional dancer, circus artist, and performing arts educator into her kink teaching. She has taught for Dark Odyssey, TES, TESFest, Tethered Together, IMsLBB, Pragmatic Kink, MAsT: Auckland, CUFF, House of Kush, House of SCK, and Black Rose.

AbundantMischief's Workshops

Beginnings & Endings: Transitioning In & Out of Scenes - AbundantMischief

Ever get excited while making play plans, but then feel unsure of how to start once it’s time to play? Do you start to get tired or feel “done” mid-scene, but are uncertain about how to wind things down? This class provides tools and strategies for navigating the transitions between everyday life and play time, and back again, including: Strategies for shifting your focus in preparation for a scene; how to set the mood for the kind of scene you and your play partner want to have; approaches to starting a scene, for both tops and bottoms; considerations for which starting approaches work best for various types of play; approaches for ending a scene, for both tops and bottoms; considerations for which ending approaches are most suitable for various mid-scene situations; and strategies for providing smooth transitions from play headspace to aftercare to everyday life

Building Fulfilling Femdom Realities - AbundantMischief

Do you feel drawn to femdom, but pressured to conform to archetypes portrayed in kinky media? Do you ever wonder if there’s a way to explore femdom that affirms your unique identity and desires? This class will break down femdom stereotypes, help you find your own personalized approach to femdom instead, and provide tools for developing your own authentic femdom dynamics. I will also share tips for cultivating and maintaining a wide variety of femdom D/s dynamics, drawn from my years of experience leading dynamics ranging from short-term play and casual platonic service to 24/7 TPE.

How to Pack a Pint-Sized Punch: Impact Tips for Smaller Tops - AbundantMischief

Do you enjoy the idea of physically overpowering bottoms who are larger than you? Wondering how to increase the intensity of your impact-topping when it already feels like you’re throwing your whole body into it? This class will explore strategies for maximizing your effectiveness in wielding rigid impact toys (paddles, canes) and flexible impact toys (floggers, whips) as well as spanking, punching, kicking, and other forms of rough body play. It also includes injury prevention tips and psychological power-play techniques to help establish and maintain control of a scene.

Strategies for Long-Duration Bondage - AbundantMischief

Do you or your partner have fantasies of being tied up all day or all night? Learn strategies to safely extend the length of your bondage playtime, and fun ideas for what to do with all that additional time. This class will include: considerations for planning and navigating longer bondage scenes, including what kinds of ties are best for longer scenes and how the same tie can change in sensation over time; discussion of the psychological effects of spending longer periods of time in bondage; practical considerations for snacks, hydration, bio breaks, varying attention spans, and sleep; and how aftercare needs can change after longer scenes, for both bottoms and tops