Twitch's rope fascination began early on while watching episodes of Wonder Woman. Duh.... He wanted a hot woman in sexxy boots to tie him up and make him tell the truth. Hell, he still does! But the fascination with rope goes much deeper. Through his years of learning to tie he discovered that rope meant more to him than just restraining or being restrained. From rough and tumble, to sexxy and sensual, he feels that rope speaks to all of the senses as it encompasses a body and brings 2 people together in a scene. His teaching style focuses on learning to "tie the person" not just "tie the tie". And always with a focus on having fun while you learn. Because Hell..... Isn't that why we all want to do this stuff in the first place?

Twitch's Workshops

Synergy with Rope

Our take on Connection and Intent. Do you know a chest harness and a single and double column tie? Tried out a hogtie or two? Great!! What about a sensual sexy tie? A rough restrictive tie? Might they even be the same thing?! Gasp! In this class we will explore techniques for moving beyond the knots, controlling your rope, and bringing intent, connection, and energy into your ties. Anyone can learn to tie a knot, but what you do next can take your interactions to a new level.

Type of workshop: Demo, Hands-On

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