Lady Plume

Lady Plume is an experienced bondage top, bondage bottom, and sadomasochistic switch who discovered early on her kink path that bondage, rough body play, puppy play, and knives do lovely things to her personal energy. She happily identifies as a girl in service, slut kitten, puppy, sadist, mommy, teacher, and a Krakens Lairling. She is a group leader for Mid-Atlantic Mummification & Encasement and Mid-Atlantic Kinky Critters groups. Her fascinations include power dynamics, service, leather, bondage, animal role play, playfulness, and playing hard along the psychological edges of kink. You can often find her volunteering, presenting, or organizing events at kink events in VA/DC/MD (Studio 58, Krakens Lairlings, Indecent Enterprises, BESS, Black Rose, Dark Odyssey, The Floating World, NDD/s Boot Camp)

Lady Plume's Workshops

Arts & Crafts Workshop: Creative Coloring to Reduce Your Stress & Have Fun

Creating colorful art can be a relaxing, stress-relieving way to balance your life. It can provide a much-needed break and encourage you to have fun. We will briefly discuss the health and emotional benefits of coloring and then focus on easy ways to get started. Crafting materials and ideas for several coloring forms will be available, including adult coloring books, doodling/zentangle, visual journals, and creating your own mandalas. No experience necessary; you don’t even have to color within the lines. You are welcome to bring any personal coloring projects if desired.

Type of workshop: Hands-On

Successfully Navigating the Public Scene for Age Players

Age-related role play is much more than cute girls wearing diapers. It covers any activities where consenting adults interact as older or younger personas and may include age regression, childlike play, power exchange, role play, BDSM/kink, sex, and fetishes. This interactive class will discuss how to identify your favorite aspects of age play and use that knowledge to successfully navigate the public BDSM and/or age play communities. We will cover expectations; general etiquette; appropriate behavior towards other age players; and consent for different types of events.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion

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