justDerek's interest with rope began far before he realized he was doing rope. Early recollections include paying particular attention to the packing twine when his friends went for the box. He affectionately and semi-jokingly refers to ropey goodness as a “gateway kink”. Sometimes referring to it as dance between participants, he draws attention to the connection being forged between the tie-er and the tied, reminding people not to lose sight of whats important: enjoying the experience. His unique perspective on rope is multifaceted and encompasses interactions from soft and sensual to firm and unyielding. With his playful teaching style, twisted sense of humor and fetishized giggle, you just might find yourself laughing while you learn.

justDerek's Workshops

Synergy with Rope

Our take on Connection and Intent. Do you know a chest harness and a single and double column tie? Tried out a hogtie or two? Great!! What about a sensual sexy tie? A rough restrictive tie? Might they even be the same thing?! Gasp! In this class we will explore techniques for moving beyond the knots, controlling your rope, and bringing intent, connection, and energy into your ties. Anyone can learn to tie a knot, but what you do next can take your interactions to a new level.

Type of workshop: Demo, Hands-On

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