Drostan is a BDSM/Nudist/Poly kinkster who has been in the lifestyle for more than 20 years, mostly in the DC, NM, and Southern VA areas. Drostan spent several years as a manager on duty at Leather Retreat. He has been a nudist since age 19 and has been in and out of various Polyamorous configurations since the mid 1980s before Poly relating even had a name.‚Äč

Drostan's Workshops

Effective Communication Strategies for Polyamorous Relationships

This class will teach participants the 5 tools that should be in everyone's communications toolbox. These tools are not only effective in polyamorous relationships but in negotiations with people in our everyday lives as well; be it home, work, or school. They provide a foundation to develop the skills for effective communication. The workshop is a lecture format with small group participation exercises as we go over each tool.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Participation Appreciated

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