Dr. Ruthie

Dr. Ruth Neustifter is an author, university faculty member, and sexuality researcher that joins us from snowy Ontario, Canada. They are also proud to co-chair one of the largest and longest running annual professional sexuality conferences in Canada. Ruthie happily identifies as poly, kinky, sex-queer and gender-queer. Since the late 1990s Ruthie has specialized in sexual well-being and pleasure, as well as the resilience of survivors of intimate violence. They are the author of The Nice Girl’s Guide ToTalking Dirty, as well as numerous academic publications and presentations. They have given workshops throughout North American as well as in Mexico and Europe in venues ranging from homeless shelters to universities to resorts. Dr. Ruthie considers themself an advocate for pleasure, intimacy, and sex-positivity regardless of one’s past history, gender, health, sexuality, or desires.

Dr. Ruthie's Workshops

Dirty Talk for the Shy

Learn the secrets to developing your own style of verbal seduction from the author of The Nice Girl’s Guide to Talking Dirty! Don’t worry, though, this workshop is for practicing verbal seduction with all genders. By the end of this interactive class even the most shy participants will leave with the skills to start talking dirty and flirting their way into a memorable predicament at this year’s event. Whether you’re sweet and shy or bold and daring, you’re sure to have fun learning these oral skills.

Type of workshop: Discussion, Demo, Participation Appreciated

Pet Play

Join us for a workshop of exploration into this fun, connected, and often misunderstood type of play. Let rabbit/Spike and his handler take you on a ‘walk’ through the world of puppy, kitty, and other animal play. Learn about various animal types, gear, making the most of your play space, choosing toys, and more. This engaging workshop includes discussion and ends in a live demo and will take place immediately before the Pet Park with other animals and their handlers, so you can stay and play. You're welcomed to bring a pillow or towel for curling up, toys you don't mind sharing, and human safe treats. This workshop event is for everyone - unowned pets/strays and unpartnered handlers are certainly welcome to attend!

Type of workshop: Discussion, Demo

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