aerabelle is a queer masochist submissive boy who loves genderfuckery and all things dapper. He has been bottoming for rope for several years and loves working on flexibility and strength. He is also passionate about making rope and kink accessible to everyone and educating on negotiation, bottoming skills and injury prevention. In the vanilla world, he is an infectious disease researcher and he loves using his classes to pass his professional knowledge on to the kink community.

aerabelle's Workshops

BDSM Mythbusters

We all know the dangers of kink and have heard a variety of BDSM horror stories, such as the dangers of flogging over the kidneys and or the risks of impact on bruises. But are they really true? Join me, an active public health practitioner, to explore whether or not the risks we take as fact are really true and how we can address the things that really are risky. We'll also go over some overlooked safety things - like how you really use those disinfectant wipes you find in the dungeon.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion

Stretching for Busy Bottoms

As bottoms we often hear about ways to improve flexibility and body awareness for rope but few of us have the time to dedicate ourselves to intense training. This class will teach a short stretching routine that can either be done regularly or before scenes to improve both flexibility and your awareness of your body. It will also focus on learning muscle isolation techniques to improve the ability of a bottom to check in with their own body during a scene. This class is designed to welcome all body types so if you have a body and you like to put it in rope, please join us.

Type of workshop: Discussion, Demo

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