PRESENCE AND EMOTION IN ROPE - Dancehalldyke and slab_me_harder

This class is about focusing on your partner when tying, being present to enjoy the tie and the moment, and fully experiencing the emotions that you are trying to convey and feel during the scene. The style of tying relies on paying close attention to yourself and your partner, giving yourself enough time to think and feel fully, and diving into whatever emotions come up. This class is for anyone wanting to have more emotionally rich, fulfilling interactions with their partner during a scene. It is the opposite of mechanically tying your partner. The rope is incidental to this style. The style can be adapted to any kind of pattern and a wide variety of tones, from violent and aggressive, to caressing and loving. The idea is to lean into whatever emotions arise and follow them through to their full, natural conclusion, rather than shutting them down. One particularly important part of the style is the breath. Moving with the breath and tying with the breath makes a surprising difference in how impactful the tie will feel. As the person tying, you need to not only pay attention to and tie with your own breath, but you need to tie with your partner’s breath as well. One roadblock people face is that working with emotions requires practice. Practicing feeling emotions can often be awkward or feel unnatural, but this is an important part of the learning process. To mitigate this, it’s important to work only with emotions that feel natural and honest to you. This also means the first few exercises are about centering oneself and understanding one’s current emotional state.

Prerequisites: Tie with someone you know well enough to be open, honest, and vulnerable, to experience an emotional bond with. Tying a single column is a plus, but could quickly be taught at the start of the class. This class is appropriate for beginners. It’s important when tying in this style to only tie things that you’re very confident with, so that you can pay maximum attention to your partner, rather than the rope."

Presented By:
Dancehalldyke & slab_me_harder