Dancehalldyke & slab_me_harder

Dancehalldyke (Kit, she/they) and slab_me_harder (Juliette, she/her) are a lesbian rope couple from San Francisco who have been tying together for five years and married for four. Kit is a sadomasochistic switch with a ballet and modern dance background and an enthusiasm for dark rope scenes where emotions run high. Juliette is a bottom and reluctant switch, who likes both the little and no so little death in her rope. Through rope they explore each other’s emotions, capabilities, and vulnerabilities. They are here to share their humanistic approach to rope and believe that rope is for everyone and that people, emotions, and intuition should always take precedence. For the more left-brained among us, though, with their backgrounds as mathematicians (yes, really!!) they also offer precise, reasoned explanations for the whys and hows of tying.