OFFERING TIE - Dancehalldyke and slab_me_harder

A hands-front forearm tie that can be added to many different shapes, for instance, if an arms-free chest harness is used, but one still wants to capture the hands. This is a “suspension-worthy” tie in the sense that it can also bear weight, although we do not recommend single-pointing it. The tie creates an aesthetically pleasing shape (we find) that has a very expressive, sacrificial, offering vibe. This course is appropriate for beginners.

Prerequisites: Person tying must be able to tie a single column and have awareness of tension. Person in ropes must have good bodily awareness, be paying attention to their arms and hands and aware of potential nerve compression or circulation loss (depending on risk profiles). Person in ropes must be able to cross their wrists together in front of their body. Both parties must be communicating well and able to provide constructive criticism as well as praise."

Presented By:
Dancehalldyke & slab_me_harder