Thista Minai

Thista Minai is an educator, author, priestess, ordeal facilitator, and gleeful sadist. She uses her professional background in education to create high quality classes on a wide variety of topics, including sacred sexuality, the ordeal path, catharsis, impact, and needle play. With more than fifteen years of experience in designing and conducting rituals, Thista travels the world championing the value of spirituality and empowerment in kink and BDSM.

Thista Minai's Workshops

Creating Amazing Scenes: Hot Negotiation

Let’s all get some hotter, better play! Midori will share with you her tried and true pre-play conversation and negotiation method for maximizing the Wow, and minimizing the Bummers in your scene. (are you new to kink? don’t miss this class!) She will be asking for a volunteer from the attendees for an authentic conversation. Bring note-taking material and your questions. For all people of all levels of experiences

Memorial for Cinephile87

Please join us in the Temple to honor the life of Kyle, also known as Cinephile87. At the request of his family this service will be short and sweet - expect it to last fifteen minutes or less. Questions may be directed to Thista.

Fortune Seeker's Emporium

What do the whims of fortune have in store for you? Don't leave such important matters up to chance - come find out at our Fortune Seekers' Emporium! Our diviners will offer a vibrant variety of fortune telling techniques to let you peek into your future. Don't like the outcome of your reading? Then head to the Temple tent to get a lucky charm and change it!

Our Emporium will offer two types of readings - entertainment, and divination. Entertainment readings are just for fun, while divination will provide a genuine spiritual reading. Both types are equally welcome! We will also designate readings as short or long: short readings take five minutes or less, and long readings take fifteen minutes or more. When a fortune seeker arrives at the Emporium, they will receive two types of currency - one that "purchases" a long reading, and another that purchases short readings. Everyone may purchase as many short readings as they like, but only one long reading per person. When you "pay" for your reading, please write something on the back of your bill. This can be as simple as a "thank you", a compliment, or even just drawing a heart or a happy face, but it can also be an opportunity to flirt, drop your digits, or offer some other form of 'payment'. Readers will keep their bills until the end of the event and read them after the Emporium has closed. There is no obligation to respond in any way - that is left entirely up to each individual. Anyone is welcome to participate as a fortune teller. Fortune tellers will need to arrive early for a short orientation, but then you will be able to set your own pace for participation. We welcome experienced readers and novices alike, but if you wish to provide divination readings, you must disclose to each seeker your level of experience with the divination tool you are using. We encourage fortune tellers to dress up for the event, and you can create your own fortune telling area in our Temple space, but please refrain from cultural stereotypes in your costuming. If you want tips or suggestions, feel free to reach out to Thista or Arkcane. All types of readings are welcome! You could offer traditional readings like runes, Tarot, or palmistry, or you could make something up that sounds fun to you! You could scry in the type of handprint you make from a good spanking, or read omens based on which toy someone pulls out of a toybag. Whether you're seeking divination or enjoying the entertainment, we encourage everyone to get creative and have fun!
- Fortune-tellers should arrive at 4:15pm -

Ordeal Ritual: Life's a Circus

You are the main act in the circus of your life. What ring of fire must you pass through? What feats of strength can you perform? What is the death you will defy? Dare to challenge your performance of self in an ordeal ritual that peeks behind the curtains of identity.

Ritual Hook Pull

Celebrate your connections to the world around you in a ritual hook pull at the Temple. Set intention with your community as we create sacred space for our journey together. Then, feeling the weight of hooks in flesh, dance through the ways we relate to one another. Pull for your individual relationships, for your community, for the land we’re on, for the divine spark of the universe, or for any other connection that inspires your soul. When your dance is done, come full circle with your peers to reflect on the journey we shared, and take home a memento of your experience.