Midori wrote the first English shibari instruction book for everyday folks, “Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage” in 2001, paving the way for the popularity of rope today. Midori founded Rope Dojo in 2002 and ForteFemme: Women’s Dominance Intensive in 2004. In 2020, she launched the monthly deep dive discussion YouTube program Consent Dojo. She is working on a follow-up book about Shibari and strategies for engaged play.

Join her Patreon! It’s packed with resources, classes, art, and live office hours. Patreon.com/PlanetMidori Midori is the Co-Director of Curriculum for Kink Informed Certification, part of the Sexual Health Alliance, training therapists and helping professionals to provide safe, compassionate, and inclusive service to their clients.

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Midori's Workshops

Creating Amazing Scenes: Hot Negotiation

Let’s all get some hotter, better play! Midori will share with you her tried and true pre-play conversation and negotiation method for maximizing the Wow, and minimizing the Bummers in your scene. (are you new to kink? don’t miss this class!) She will be asking for a volunteer from the attendees for an authentic conversation. Bring note-taking material and your questions. For all people of all levels of experiences

Midori’s Scarf Bondage and The Scarf Dildo Harness

Fit's Like a Charm! Midori’s Scarf Dildo Harness & Scarf Bondage. Midori came up with this totally simple, amazing DIY Dildo Harness design. It’s also known as the Midori Elegant Harness. It’s great for all body types, genders, configuration of bits. It works great with after-market-store-bought or original-issue-self-sprouted bits. Remarkably stable! Fantastic for insertable dildos.
Clever and simple. She’ll have the necessary supplies, but you’re encouraged bring your own dildos. Scarves will be available - but if you have a couple of long scarves or ropes, you can bring them too.

Office Hours with Midori

Welcome to office hours with the dean of kink herself. She’s holding a quiet lovely space for Fusion. Stop by and ask quesitons, have discussions, pick her brian and meet new people. Need advice on how to make the most out of Dark Odyssey? Somthing on your mind? Or maybe you’d just like a chill, low key place with nice folks. Midori is a full time educator and coach, who works with individuals as well as advise and help therapists to be kink knowledgeable. Drop in any time during office hours - the (metaphorical) door is open for you.

Type of workshop: Participation Appreciated

WhipFit: Flogging based exercise

Think air guitar, shadow boxing or spinning poi! No experience necessary. Partner not needed. Solos totally welcome. We won’t be whacking on people’s bodies. We might use hands as gentle targets. Wear comfortable clothes that's easy to move in. Bring Floggers a pair or single, either is fine. Many of the movements will be done with one in each hand. Make sure it's the right length for your pace. If you are new to this, go for a lighter weight. If you want a little extra resistance and exercise, use a heavier one……… Don't have a flogger? No problem! Anything you can grip with one hand and a little flexibility will work. A hand towel, a feather duster, one sock with a tennis ball in it, a bouquet of flowers, etc. Want a more challenging workout? Wear some extra weights on your body. Try a heavier object to swing........

Type of workshop: Participation Appreciated