Triangle Suspension - Shay and Angel

Explore dynamic movement with a minimalist and playful 'circus bondage'-style 3- to 5- point-based rig. An example suspension transition sequence using the rig will be demonstrated, as well as tips for flyers on taking full advantage of the freedom & flow offered by this suspension. Potential flyer-driven shapes include running person, splits, pinwheel, lotus, birdcage, pike, and many more. Unleash your inner aerialist – this is *not* traditional Shibari in any sense! The first hour of class is a lecture and demo. In the last 30 minutes, attendees with appropriate suspension experience may try the rig. Note that attendees will need to independently tie all required harnesses during this sort hands-on time – a fast pace is required. Please see the website for detailed pre-requisite and supply requirements.

Presented By:
Shay & Angel