So, you and your significant other have decided to explore non-monogamy. Now what? With the dizzying array of options available when you’ve decided to go “off the map,” how do you and your partner(s) plot a course of your own? And what do you do when the inevitable challenges arise? Opening up any relationship takes skill, patience and perseverance. Mistakes will be made. But why make any more than you have to? This fun, enlightening workshop is devoted specifically to folks who are charting new territories in their relationships. In this interactive workshop, you will learn: the 4 monogamies & why they’re relevant to open relationships; the most common pitfalls of open relationships & how to avoid them; 4 tips for turning jealousy into a blessing; Different styles of ethical non-monogamy & how to tell which one is right for you.

Presented By:
Marcia Baczynski