Not all of us are extroverted social butterflies. “Just go out and have some fun”… “Go to a munch and meet new people”…. These are easy things to say, but much harder to do for us introverts. If social anxiety, uncertainty or nerves has ever kept you from being the kinkster that you desire to be, this is the class for you! Introvert and kinkster Rain DeGrey takes you through the steps to conquer your fears and face social settings so that you can have the experiences you crave. Whether you are a nervous newbie or a more experienced kinkster still facing anxiety, there will be something for every level of introvert. Topics covered include: where and How to meet your community, precautions and what to avoid, conversation starters, tips and tricks for anxiety and panic attacks, how to negotiate scenes, finding potential partners, and learning how to prepare for a play party. You are guaranteed to walk away from this class with a better understanding of how to combat your anxiety and techniques to effectively socialize as an introvert. Don’t let being shy hold you back, come learn how to be the best version of you that you possibly can be!

Presented By:
Rain DeGrey