IN-TENSION AND FLOW - Lief Bound and Icarus

Whether you've just started tying or you've been tying for years - there's no better time to work on your "in-tension" and flow! Patterns and suspension are only one part of what rope can be; if you want to improve your floor rope skills, this class is for you! In this class we will learn techniques for rope handling, body manipulation, and tying with intention to convey feeling through rope. You'll leave this class with exercises that you and your partner can utilize to co-create your own unique floor rope flow practice.

Skill Level: beginner Prerequisites: non-collapsing single column ties and general rope safety knowledge. Materials needed: Rope - 4 to 8 hanks of jute or hemp preferred, synthetic works fine. Cutting Tool - Make sure you bring a cutting tool for safety. If you do not have a cutting tool, you will not be able to participate in the exercises."

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Lief Bound and Icarus