HIP BASKET SUSPENSION SYSTEM - JD of RopeRigger / Two Knotty Boys

Learn how to utilize the Hip Basket Suspension System, a dynamic tying system that allows movement and control like no other suspension technique, before! Utilizing both a seated and tabletop rigging set up, the techniques shown focus on the physics of the human body, skillful and sustainable body support, and suspending people of all shapes, sizes, and comfort levels. Note: This section will include both step-by-step teaching and demonstration elements, as time allows. No previous tying experience necessary. All shapes, sizes, genders, and personal identities are welcome. What to Bring: Two 20, one 40, and two 50-foot lengths of 6 mm Hemp, Jute, or 3/8-inch Solid Braid Nylon. Instructor will show how to connect shorter hanks of rope, if longer lengths aren’t available.