As a bottom, submissive, slave, pet, little boy, etc the idea of punishment can scare, excite, or turn us on...but is that the point? As a top, dominant, master, owner, etc handing out punishment is often something you must do, not want to do. Andie will look at the difference between correction, discipline, and punishment. She will then move on to when and how each can be used effectively while maintaining and strengthening your D/s relationship. This workshop will speak to tops when it comes to utilizing correction, discipline and punishment and bottoms when it comes to accepting it with grace, while learning so they can avoid it next time. Using personal stories Andie will show how by using correction and discipline correctly one can avoid punishments that hurt both the top and the bottom. She will also share strategies to help avoid punishments by communicating, learning as you progress and how to find the right fit in a dynamic.

Presented By:
Miss Andie