Mx Bliss

Mx Bliss (she/they) is a gleeful sadist, sensation empath, consent enthusiast, rope switch, self suspender, and quinkster (queer kinkster). They identify as Daddy AF, on both sides of the slash. Bliss is having the time of their life discovering all the ways to connect with BDSM and rope and is eager to share the joy. She produces the Jiffy Kink events and is the Executive Director of the Congregation of Consensual Expression. She also co-hosts the Friction pop-up events. Formerly a business and social justice attorney, MxBliss frequently presents on negotiation, consent, kink and the law, and diversity/equity/inclusion. She’s making a living doing what she loves as a kink coach/rigger and advising kink-positive businesses. She appreciates feedback, especially the kind that will help her grow and have her intention better mirror the impact of her behavior/words.