Athena Kali

Athena Kali (she/her) is a queer D/s educator who delights in torturing trembling treats for your perving pleasure and has been presenting across the U.S. and Europe for over 11 years. With an emphasis on igniting lasting connection through power-exchange, female-led relationships, and rope, she and her dynamic team of partners create learning spaces where participants can interact, engage, and explore the depth of their desire & potential for love and kink. Join us for hands-on classes and events that promote gender-fuckery, delightful D/s, and a kink style equal parts love, torture, and creativity.

Fetlife - Athena_Kali

Athena Kali's Workshops

Asymmetrical Ties Hands-on - Athena Kali

Looking to think outside the symmetry of traditional Shibari? Perhaps you or your partner has an injury, discomfort, or beautiful aspect that requires special care and consideration, making symmetrical ties difficult? This class will explore several building blocks for tying bodies in beautiful, asymmetrical ways and explore using asymmetry for several play purposes such as discomfort/pain, malice/intimidation, shorter/longer play, and sex. Plan to participate! This class is most helpful for those who have taken 1-2 classes and are comfortable tying a simple chest harness, using half hitches, and a single column tie.

Practical Rope Fundamentals Hands-on - Athena Kali

Want to tie yourself or your partner up? For sex? For decorative purposes? Or do you want to learn how to elaborately suspend? Whatever your reasons are for being interested in learning rope, having a Single Column Tie and a Basic Chest Harness in your rope toolkit can lead to endless rope-y possibilities. This class offers a slow-paced, approachable introduction to these two fundamental ties. Participants will walk away with a solid understanding of each tie, will learn various uses and possibilities for each tie, and will be able to confidently start tying as soon as you hit the dungeon (or earlier)!