When does Happy Hour happen?

Depends which you want to attend. Check the details for each local HH.

What should I wear?

Again, depends on which one you attend. You can come in afterwork wear to all 3 Happy Hours. In SF, we are getting together in a private dungeon so you are welcome to come or change into fetish wear or … less if you’d like.

How do I know I found you at the bar?

Listen for the screams! Okay, or just ask the bartender for DO or the DO: Happy Hour

What should I expect?

In DC, it’s just a happy hour, but with fun, kinky people! Have a drink if you want, chat, and meet people!
In Baltimore, a happy hour with a twist of play (spankings, rope, bootblacking, etc) limited to the 2nd floor only.
In SF, a dungeon downstairs, our exciting Sex-O-Rama Rumpus Room and DO Lounge upstairs, and decadence everywhere! It’s like a fun house party.

Can I/we play at Happy Hour?

In SF and Baltimore, absolutely. In DC, not so much. But you can socialize at all of them, and they’re great places to forge connections with future play partners!

What’s the drinking and playing policy?

These are social events, not fraternity parties, and we expect adults to behave like responsible adults. Actually, we expect that pretty much everywhere, regardless of whether you choose to drink and/or play. Respect the venue and your fellow attendees, and follow the local safewords.

Do I need a date?

Certainly not! Come alone, come with friends, come with para- and metamours…just come!

Is Happy Hour connected to any of four the big DO events (Winter Fire, Fusion, etc)?

Not really, though it’s a great way to find people who may well be at those events. We wanted to give people a way to meet and have fun all the other weeks of the year where our big events aren’t happening!