Rope for Everybody: Partial Suspensions For Diverse Bodies

This lass will cover all the relevant issues related to completing partial suspensions on diverse bodies, taking into account body composition, mobility issues and physical challenges. The class will offer practical instruction on how to safely modify a partial suspension in order to make the lift more functional. The axiom, “one step at a time” applies to the practice of partial rope suspensions. Technically and physically, partials are a necessary progression between floor work and full suspensions. For diverse bodies, partial suspensions provide a unique set of benefits and considerations. However, when we approach suspensions from a body positive perspective we’re able to create rigging which is technically sound, connective and aesthetic. This class will extensively cover body positive rope placement and tie modifications as well as the mechanics of rigging and lifting. In this fun and approachable class attendees will learn:

● The benefits of creating partial suspensions
● How to develop a body positive approach to rope
● What to cover in negotiation and how to give informed consent for partials
● How to evaluate a partial suspension rope scene
● When to use rope to create a mechanical advantage
● Rope placement and modifications for diverse bodies
● Functional movement in rope and rigging
● How to pull together a cohesive, satisfying scene

Time, equipment and space permitting, this class will offer attendees an opportunity to try out concepts. This class is open to all levels and anyone interested in learning about body positive partial rope suspensions.

Presented By:
Mr. BLK and Ms. Pomegranate

Type of workshop: Discussion, Demo