Predicament Play

Predicament play refers to a variety of sadomasochistic/kinky activities in which there is a particular set of physical parameters (e.g. through rope, other restraints, and/or other devices) which simultaneously encourage and/or discourage different and mutually exclusive responses. The person in the predicament is faced with having to choose among, and lean into or away from, various painful or pleasurable or strange stimuli. Predicaments often involve a slow-burn, building up of intensity, from something that is set in motion initially and then becomes more difficult/painful/overwhelming over the ensuing seconds and minutes. Predicament play often appeals to the more creative, quirky, and even ridiculous SM players, bringing out our inner mad-scientist sadists & James Bond escape artists masochists. A predicament could be as complex as a Rube Goldberg machine--or as simple as being forced to stand on one leg until that becomes unbearably painful. Predicaments tend to involve being between a proverbial "rock and a hard place" while trying to figure a way out (even when there's probably no way out--just a choice between one sadistic trap and another). This class will present some general strategies and specific techniques for predicaments, risks and risk mitigation, ideas for how to plan and negotiate a predicament scene, skills for how to calibrate and adjust a predicament mid-scene, and some of my own favorite tricks and tools, including many "pervertables" everyday household items. A number of (what we expect will be highly entertaining) demonstrations of predicaments will show you some fun illustrative examples of ways to do predicament play.

Presented By:
Parker (RopeBoi)

Type of workshop: Lecture, Demo