Making Open Relationships Work

Even though open relationships are more socially acceptable than ever, information on how to have them successfully is scarce. If you hang out with people who practice open relationships you’ve likely seen a good portion of them fail. You may have even had your share of rough patches yourself. Add these things together and you may be wondering: can open relationships actually work? Of course they can! Every type of relationship (open or monogamous) has it’s own unique set of challenges. Open relationships are no different.
So if you’ve ever found yourself:
Confronting overwhelming jealousy.
Struggling to trust your partners.
Worried about being abandoned when an open relationship fails.
Facing judgement from your friends, coworkers, or biological family.
Stumped with how to balance time and commitments between partners.
You’re not alone! If you are in an open relationship you are inevitably going to face one of these obstacles, and many more besides. But don’t fret! With the right tools you can overcome these obstacles and have the extraordinary relationships that you deserve.
So join me for a class that will give you the secrets to overcoming these hurdles and making open relationships work.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion