Intro Suspension Pt 1 - Box Tie & Hip Harness

PLEASE NOTE: This class is a prerequisite for Intro to Suspension Part II. If you want to participate with the hands-on portion of part II, participation is required in part 1.

Would you like to learn how to fly? In this class, M0co and Beemo will work with tops and bottoms to create the land foundation needed to go into the air: a solid box tie and a hip harness. This fast paced class will also discuss the safety aspects of the box-tie as well as common mistakes that occur while tying it. While this class is a hands on class, those who do not meet the requirements listed will be asked to audit.

Requirements: 4-8 ropes of at least 26ft in length, tops must know how to tie a single column tie safely and quickly, tops must have a basic understand and working knowledge of tension in terms of tying, bottoms must have strong communication skills and a strong understanding of their body and health in terms of tying and rope

Type of workshop: Hands-On