Intimate Primal Play for Partners

As the prey, would you surrender your throat to the beast with the hunger? As the devourer, would you offer your hunger to your prey? This sacred covenant is a very intimate experience as both sides are deeply bonded and completely focused on each other during that very intense experience. For many, Primal Play primarily involves the expression of raw and wild aggressive energies, or dynamic play such as hunting/chasing and struggling for dominance or survival. In this workshop, we will instead explore and practice a form of Intimate Primal Play that begins after the choice to surrender has already been made, and all that remains are the taking and devouring of the prey. We will focus on the longer and slower approach where we are fully present in each moment to fully embrace and enjoy the experience for all it can offer us. Each bite, scratch, sniff, taste, and exertion of physical dominance is intentionally executed so we can truly savor every moment and become fully immersed in each other. While partnered people already in a relationship will get the most from this, feel free to come solo and maybe find a practice partner, or at the very least, learn a new way to express Primal. Come see that you really don’t need many spoons or a certain physical capability to engage in Primal Play.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Demo, Hands-On