Inner Monsters, Delving Into the Darkness of Our Desires (Bottoms)

In a world where dark fantasy has been sanitized into “Safe, Sane, and Consensual,” how do we address the truths of some of our more terrifying and terrible erotic desires if they go beyond the limits of what is considered “okay” by even our community? How do we look at ourselves in the mirror after we have been ripped apart emotionally and physically, and how can we see our partners who did it to us as the same loved ones we need to live our life at large with? What do we do when our Tops comes to us with their own demons to be exorcised in the bedroom or dungeon, and those things scare us or turn us on and we are unsure if that makes us bad people. This is a closed-group, no late entry, discussion for Bottoms only (Switches may attend but only speak from their experience as Bottoms). We will examine our own inner monsters, discuss our fears and desires, and look honestly into the mirror and wonder – if we feed the monster, will it consume those we love… or if we starve it, will it eat us whole?

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion