G-spot & Squirting

Looking for your G-spot? Ken Melvoin-Berg & Sunny Megatron will teach you all about this 8th wonder of the world. Learn tips and techniques you won’t find anywhere else! In this class you’ll learn how to find the g-spot, ways to manipulate it, and how to combine g-spot play with other types of stimulation. We’ll dispel the myths about squirting and teach you which techniques and tools are most likely to turn you and/or your partner into Old Faithful. If you are able to squirt, we will increase your chances of achieving uberwetness. This class is open to givers and receivers of all genders and sexual orientations. It’s great to attend either alone or as a couple.

Presented By:
Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg

Type of workshop: Discussion, Demo