Foundations of Self-Suspension

This hands-on class introduces Parker RopeBoi’s approach to self-suspension, including risks and risk-reducing measures, and similarities and differences in risk and approaches between self-suspension and partner suspension. The hands-on portion of the class will include some skill-building exercises for practicing key self-suspension skills, such as one-handed tying, tying without seeing, using your toes, using your core, and using your face. The class will teach a basic (relatively) static face-up self-suspension involving a hip harness and a chest harness. A basic up-line tie-off for this self-suspension will be taught. Planning and techniques for going up and coming down in this self-suspension will be covered. Proprioception, body awareness, and physical control in self-suspension will be introduced. Self-leveling and relative heights in self-suspension will be introduced.

Prerequisites: Facility with rope-handling techniques, controlling tension, attaching a new rope, square knot, half-hitch, single-column ties (e.g. Somerville Bowline, etc.), a basic arms-free chest harness (any type).

Presented By:
Parker (RopeBoi)

Type of workshop: Lecture, Demo, Hands-On