Bootblacking 101

What is bootblacking? How does it relate to me and my play? How do I get started? Whether you just want to take care of your leather or incorporate bootblacking as a part of your kink life, this presentation is for you. In my class, I go over the basic types of leather, the supplies you need for blacking, and give a step­by­step demo of how to take care of a pair of boots. Thrown in will be suggestions for incorporating leathercare into your play, whether it is sexy, degrading, and/or service based. I encourage all who attend to come with boots, or some other leather, for practice. I will have supplies for attendees to use. All levels of experience and kink/gender/ D/s identities are welcome and encouraged to attend.<br /><br />Presented by <a title="Poetic Desires" href="">Poetic Desires</a>