Awakening Your Super Sexy Godlike Self

Myths and legends exist about various people that exemplify certain aspects and traits to such a high degree, they become godlike. In each of us, there lies an identity that once we fully embrace and step into it, we become something so amazingly inspirational. Who is waiting inside yourself ready to be expressed and named? In this spirit walk, we will journey inside ourselves to connect with the aspect we’d like to elevate, and then we’ll develop ways to anchor and activate it on purpose. Who will you step forward as and how would you be known? Elana-Lady of the Hunt, Tom-Knight of Sublime Submission, Morgan-Master of the Silly Scenes, or Oria-Bringer of Rapture? What stories will you inspire others to tell, as you awaken and walk as your Super Sexy Godlike Self? Every legend begins with the first choice, to step forward, and to become.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Hands-On