A Weave for What Ails You

Whatever your rigging problem, weaving is probably the answer! This class will teach a gorgeous, suspension-worthy chest harness that illustrates weaving techniques, as well as discussing & demonstrating weaving as a general concept that can be integrated into many common ties. Weaving makes your harnesses more comfortable & sustainable, helps maintain tension while keeping bondage flat, and creates a sleek & sexy aesthetic… while also being easy to learn & execute! Chest harness variations for emphasizing breasts, or for flat chests/de-emphasizing breasts, will be shown. Depending on time, a hip harness and side-suspension sequence using these harnesses will also be covered.
Level: Beginning to intermediate. This class is self-tying friendly, however the chest harness is a more intermediate to advanced level self-tie.
Pre-requisites: Basic rope handling skills, single column tie, understanding of reverse tensions
Supplies: 2-3 pieces of ~30 foot rope, 1 piece of ~10-15 foot rope. 6mm recommended, no larger than 8mm.

Type of workshop: Discussion, Demo, Hands-On