Hosted by MrBLK and MsPomegranate

How does rope bondage feel? What’s the difference between stingy and thuddy? Do we need more lube? Start your Winter Fire weekend with sexy experiments as Kinktorium offers all the hard data needed to answer your BDSM questions. Stop by one of our demo stations to sample your favorite kinks or try something completely new. There may even be a few exhibitions where we bust some common BDSM myths. You’ve got kinks, we’ve got answers.

Great Big Littles Contest 2018

Calling all littles, pets, and those who love them! Do you love to perform, have an idea for a short talent, and are willing to be a little silly on stage? Half-talent show, half-natural beauty contest, this fun competition is all about showing the judges and the audience who you really are inside, whoever or whatever that means.
Contestants will be judged on:
  • Stage Presence (Poise, Confidence, Enthusiasm)
  • Talent (Entertain us for up to 3 minutes. You may bring anything or anyone onto the stage. Previous competitors have tied their stuffed animals; seduced their dirty uncle; read books; recited poems; deadlifted their friends; and more)
  • Group Activities (Fun, Positive Participation)
  • Strong Sense of Little’s Personality
The contest is open to any baby, little, middle, pet, or big of any gender and species. Sign up as a contestant with LadyPlume through the Attendee Console or at Sunday Morning Cartoons. Not competing? Join us in the audience to cheer on the contestants.

Self-Suspension Hang Out

Hosted by Shay

Snag a place on the truss & tie yourself up! This laid back and supportive gathering for self-suspension aficionados is an opportunity to share knowledge, socialize, learn from watching other self-tyers, and spot for each other. Feel free to bring questions — anyone interested in self-tying is welcome to come mingle & watch!

Rewards and Punishments

Hosted by Miss Mackenzee

This is a game we came up with for our house parties that we’ve decided to import into Dark Odyssey! We have a stack of challenge cards in which you have an action, such as “walk with a balloon between you and a partner across the room without dropping it” or “hold a quarter to the wall with your nose for a minute while being tickled.” If you cannot complete the action, you must draw from the Punishment deck and see what possibly grim fate awaits you. On the other hand, carry out your objective, and you draw from the vaunted Reward pile, as well as showring yourself in glory (and other things, if that’s your kinda reward). Of course all punishments and rewards may be subjective. Come join us for a fun time with your partner(s), and/or just to meet new people. We strongly believe in consent, so if a card squicks you, we’ll have a list of alternate consequences to choose from.

The DO Queer Orgy

When you put a bunch of queers in a room with some furniture and safer sex supplies, anything can happen. Laughter, applause and fucking too. So find that sexy queer you’ve been eyeing all weekend and get em down to the Queer Orgy and get it on!

Queer Social

Ever been to a hot and heavy queer happy hour, found a little cutie and wished you had some place to sneak away to get it on? We have that space at Dark Odyssey! Come join us at the Bar in the Host Hotel Lobby. We will make it easy to meet new folks, enjoy a drink, socialize and laugh. Everyone is welcome.

Fresh Meat Mixer

Fresh Meat is really a term of endearment around these parts.  The Lobby is the best place to meet people, make new friends or reconnect with long lost playmates.  If you are brand new, there is a New Faces Ambassador hanging out at a table near the bar.  Come, relax and get ready for an amazing weekend.  Street-legal clothing required, no play allowed.


Hosted by Sejay
If you’re new to Dark Odyssey &/or new to weekend play party events in general, be sure to attend our one-of-a-kind Orientation. Sejay and a fellow experienced conference hottie will model the amazing things you’ll see throughout your weekend. Come enjoy our interactive ask-for-a-date practice game, playspace etiquette with sexy demos, overview of the hotel spaces we’ve perverted – err converted for you, & tips to maximize your good time at play-oriented conferences. Orientations are only 45 minutes & happen multiple times throughout the weekend. Plus, first-timers get a free gift!

Sunday Morning Cartoons

Littles, pets, and anyone who enjoys a lazy Sunday morning is welcome to join us to watch cartoons on the big screen. Feel free to bring your breakfast, your favorite stuffed animals or blankets, and any quiet activity to play. Stay in the same room for the festive and fun Great Big Littles Contest that follows.

The Dark Odyssey featured causes:

These are the amazing, worthy causes our events and bootblacks will be supporting this Winter Fire! Be sure to stop by the various activities and show your support, and/or bring your leather out to the bootblacks for the best in TLC!

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood was founded on the revolutionary idea that women should have the information and care they need to live strong, healthy lives and fulfill their dreams — no ceilings, no limits.

Today, Planned Parenthood is a trusted health care provider, an informed educator, a passionate advocate, and a global partner helping similar organizations around the world. Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people worldwide

NCSF: Consent Counts

The Consent Counts project involves the BDSM communities in a nationwide education and activism program coordinated and led by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.  This multifaceted campaign includes a comprehensive is analysis of current laws and court decisions, the development of legal arguments for changing the laws, participating in court cases, and ultimately, through lobbying, education and grass-roots activism, changing state laws and the way the public and the courts view BDSM.  An important element of the project also includes an Educational Outreach Program (EOP) to educate our own communities of the current state of the law, of the effort NCSF is undertaking and to involve them in our strategic planning process and development of “best practices” by which we can protect ourselves and facilitate change.

Meet The Presenters

Did you know that all of our fabulous presenters are also people? It’s true! Didn’t make it to a class? Have a question that you only thought of too late? Come to Meet the Presenters for an intimate chance to learn more about who they are and what else they’re up to, buy their merchandise (get it signed even!), and generally get some quality time with the folk who make our class line-up so spectacular. Bring along your lunch make a time of it.