Our host hotel is in downtown San Francisco and is well known to locals for hosting several other kink events throughout the year. We will be taking all 20,000 square feet of ballroom space the hotel has to offer so there will be plenty of room for our workshops, special event and parties.

As a nationally known hotel chain, they offer all the expected amenities including a roof top pool, gym, restaurant, bar, etc and almost 500 rooms. Unfortunately, with so many rooms we will not have the entire hotel, but our ballroom space is easily cordoned off from the rest of the hotel and we will have a great social area on the lower ballroom level in addition to our playspaces and classrooms.

We have a 200 room block that is going to sell out fast. We got an amazing rate of $139/night. For those of you traveling from outside the bay area you can extend that rate up to 3 days before and 3 days after the event and actually get some sight-seeing in while you're in the Bay Area.

The play spaces are open on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday night so we recommend staying until Monday if you can.




How to Book a Room:

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Please contact with any questions you may have.