FOREPLAY: An evening of Sensation, Performance, & Exploration

It's the first night of Surrender and we have gathered the best and brightest of Bay Area kinksters, perverts and pros for an evening like none other. Spin the bottle with Graydancer of KinkAcademy and the world famous GRUE as he brings you an evening of insanity that will be half sampler night, half street fair and a whole lot of: Porn stars! Fire Play! Drag! Burlesque! Littles! Human Animals! Queer Porn Peep Show! Radical Strippers! And so much more! Be amazed and inspired by interactive performances, demonstrations and sampler stations with some of the Bay Area's best, brightest and kinkiest groups, performers, perverts and pros.

Tourettes Without Regrets Showcase

Tourettes Without Regrets is the largest and longest running variety show in the Bay Area. Originally banned in two cities, now it causes havoc every first Thursday of the month at the Oakland Metro. Winner of Best of the Bay multiple times, the show combines a hard edged vaudeville while unapologetically blurring the lines between genres, priding itself on a molotov mix of low-brow and high-brow. Every show features a dirty haiku bout, a freestyle rap battle, stand up comedy, burlesque, circus acts, slam poetry, meat hurling, fire, and carnal contests often featuring the entire audience. The show was created and is hosted by Jamie DeWolf, a performer and film-maker who's performed everywhere from Moscow, Russia to San Quentin Penitentiary. Tonight will be a special showcase hand selected for Dark Odyssey.

The Dirty Talk Game Show

Join host Psychokitty and some of the sexiest talkers the scene has to offer - Midori, Dixie La Tour, Graydancer and Lee Harrington - as they compete in a game of wit, spontaneity and often sheer stupidity! Our competitors will be challenged to spout minute long sexy diatribes that would drive a nun to renounce her vow of celibacy and make chastity rings spontaneously combust. In this fast paced and clever game show, we will prove the tongue is mightier than the sword (and perhaps even the Hitachi) as our panelists attempt to soak the proverbial panties of everyone in the audience- while their opponents score points by heckling them, all to win their chance to be crowned ... the Dirtiest Talker of them all!

Puppy Mosh

Queer Sadomasochistic Femme Daddy, Rose Spire, and her charismatic queer transgendered leather boy and alpha pup, Rylee Spire (recently named International Pup and Trainer for 2013), invite you to join them for a puppy mosh! This is a great opportunity to socialize your pup/animal side and get down on all fours, find your puppy head space, and play with other puppies. Bring your toys, treats, and water bowl and come out and have a good time.

Little Miss Littles Contest

Experience the thrill of competition! The Little Miss Littles Contest is fun and glamorous, allowing Littles to experience the bright lights, potential fame and fortune, and to be a starlet for a day! This contest encourages your Little to speak in an articulate fashion, model in a confident manner, enter a room with a bright disposition, and learn the importance of a big smile! Contests are life, the rest are just details!
The contest will consist of 3 parts:
   • Modeling – Each Little will walk and pose for 1 minute. Little outfits can include: glamour, traditional, genre or babywear.
   • Talent – Each Little will demonstrate a talent for up to 2 minutes. Only props that can be carried onstage by the Little and their hairdresser will be allowed.
   • Question – Each Little will be asked a question pertinent to the Littles lifestyle. The Judges will supply 5 questions each to be placed in a bowl and each Little will draw a question.
Open to any Little of any gender. Please sign up by Friday evening at Surrender Information Desk. Join the Little Miss Littles Contest group on Fetlife to share tricks of the trade and make Little friends. Remember to eat your vegetables!


Cum on out and flick the bean for a good cause! Join Carol Queen and fellow sex-positive wankers to give the finger to anti-masturbation shame, collect pledges from friends and lovers, and spread the love to charity. It's just like a walk-a-thon, but no sore feet at the end of the day (unless that's how you masturbate, of course).You raise dollars beforehand, and we provide furniture and electricity to raise your, um, inspiration day-of. Bring anything you like to enhance your self-love experience, including partners to entice you, egg you on, or hold your sex toys. Get pledges for every orgasm, duration of time spent masturbating, or whatever you like! Donations (of the non-biological kind) will benefit the nonprofit Center for Sex and Culture, a global resource for judgement-free sex education, cultural events, research, and advocacy.

D. U. C.: Dress Mess & Martinis

Like uniforms? We do! Join the Dyke Uniform Corps for a Uniform Party on Saturday night from 2030 hours - 2200 hours (8:30pm - 10:00pm) at "Interlude Bar and Grill", the lobby bar of our host hotel. Uniformed attire of all kinds is optional but encouraged - come in your military finest, as your naughtiest nurse fantasy, or even as the FedEx Delivery Boy! Have a drink with the D.U.C. at the cash bar and cruise for the "General", "Quarterback", "Mother Superior" or "Jedi Warrior" of your wildest fantasies. All are welcome - please remember to respect the dress code for the public areas of the hotel.

DO's Littles' Nursery with Penny Barber

Come unwind and play in the Little Nursery and Daycare! Oversized toys, a changing station, coloring, and more are all present to help you get into Little headspace and let go in an accepting, well-equipped environment. Get stickers for extra good behavior, earn a merit badge, and meet Horatio, the adult size rocking horse. He's friendly and strong and loves to make new friends!

Bawdy Storytelling

Bawdy Storytelling – the Nation’s Original Sex + Storytelling event & the series the LA Weekly calls “The Moth for Pervs”– is bringing its one-of-a-kind approach to carnal personal narrative to Surrender! Fresh on the heels of new awards in both Los Angeles (Best Sexy Storytelling) and San Francisco (Best Literary Event), this Bay Area landmark has become a national treasure by consistently showcasing the vulnerability, unexpected transcendence and hilarity of sex and kink – all while delivering new opportunities to connect (and more) in an entertaining way. Featuring Real People & Rockstars sharing their true stories of sexual adventure for almost 7 years now, Bawdy Storytelling teases liberating tales out of everyday people to create unforgettable experiences for both performers and audiences alike. At this Dark Odyssey show, we’ll feature a line-up of known entities in curated stories, & then we’ll have BawdySlam (where we give YOU the opportunity to tell your 5 minute tale). After all, this how we build community: we tell our stories.

CORE - Constructs of Ritual Evolution

Exploring and expanding the limits of our bodies and spirits has always been part of the Dark Odyssey experience. For Dark Odyssey Surrender, renowned San Francisco flesh hook ritual, art, and performance troupe CORE will be facilitating a transformative hook-pull ritual on Saturday for all who wish to attend or participate. This ritual is free of charge for all DO:Surrender attendees.
CORE also has a limited number of slots available Saturday afternoon for people who want to do a flesh-hook suspension. They will be offering the suspensions at a discounted rate for Surrender attendees.

Surrender: Called to the Labyrinth

Mystery, simplicity, beauty and an open heart call us to the labyrinth. A labyrinth is not a maze. There is no right answer or wrong answer, there is only taking the next right step. In this ritual we will hold space for each other as one by one we walk the lines of our spirit. Whether looking into our past or opening up to the whispers of the universe, whether in tears or with a giant smile on your face, we will each have our own experience… and our tribe shall bear witness, for we are not alone. Drummers encouraged to attend, and sacred witnesses allowed to hold space. Move into the circle, walk into center and may in the journey you find your core.

Fisting Frenzy

Do your plans for the weekend involve fisting, being fisted, or watching people fisting? Here is a perfect opportunity to do so while surrounded by other fisting aficionados. Bring your hands, bring your holes, we've got the gloves and lube....let's get 'em all in with this intense, awesome, fun, safe, and explosive type of sex party: a Fisting Frenzy!

Pegging Playdate

If you’re at all curious about pegging (strap-on anal sex) - or if you’re a pegging expert - this event is for you! Pegging Playdate is a powerful event wherein Kalliope intends to ‘ceremonialize’ pegging in a big, moving and expanding way. The vision is to create powerful energy with the intention of spiritual growth and pure, connecting experiential play where divine, sacred thought is translated into enlightened, emotional, sacred deed. With lots and lots of lube and pegging! We will have a short intro to offer tips and advice. After the festivities we’ll gather together once again to appreciate one another and close the event. If you have a partner, that’s great. If you are not partnered no problems, please come. In the past, we've had many single asses, who had a good, hot time with new partners. If you’re comfortable pegging others, please do make yourself available. And if you're just curious, you can come and watch. And participate if you feel comfortable. This event is non-gender specific. Anyone can give and anyone can receive. Normal kink rules of negotiation apply.

Featured Photographer: Jim Duvall

Jim Duvall began his career as an erotic photographer in the early days of the World Wide Web when he started with his former partner. He provided content for many online endeavors including His art has been shown at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival and many other art festivals around North America. He helped start The Betty Pages, an LGBT magazine, and was a writer and photographer for the magazine for 5 years.
As a sexuality activist Mr. Duvall has volunteered for many organizations over the years. He is a founder of the Center for Sex Positive Culture (CSPC) and the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. He is a past President and Board member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and CSPC and the current President of the Board for the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture.
Jim Duvall teaches on a variety of topics from erotic photography to rope bondage all over North America. Currently he works as a fine art photographer and practices hypnotherapy in Seattle WA.