Dark Odyssey attracts open minded people from all walks of life who are interested in sexual exploration and adventure; doctors and lawyers, artists and activists, husbands and wives, you and me. We are a truly a pansexual community; heterosexual, bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgendered. Many of us are already deeply involved in one or more aspects of alternative sexuality and want to explore other areas or share our knowledge with those on the journey.

Most of our attendees have an interest in one or more or the following: BDSM/leathersex, polyamory, open relationships and swinging, Eastern Philosophies, Earth-based spirituality, and Tantra.

Participating Groups

Dark Odyssey is pleased to have an incredibly diverse number of organizations throughout the country that have agreed to be participating groups. If you are a member of one of the following groups, you are entitled to a registration discount.

East Coast Groups

Albany Power eXchange
Annapolis TNG
Baltimore Md Poly Network (BMPN)
Baltimore Playhouse
Big Bad Nasty
Birmingham Femdoms
Black Beat
Black Rose
Central Iowa Power Exchange
The Caribbeatings
The Cell Bloc
Central Susquehanna Valley Kinksters
Charm City Play Space
Cigars Boots & Chocolate
Cigars On The Porch
ClubFEM of Maryland
College Park Kinklings
Cum One Cum All
Conduit Enterprises
Consortium of Leather Queers and Allies (CLQA)
Cuddle Party
CUFF (Charlottesville Underground Fetish Fellowship)
DC Queer Munch
DC Athletic & Kinky/DCAS
DC Sub Club
Devine Persuasion
D.O. Baltimore Beyond
Dom Sub Friends
Dudes in Distress
DXS Rapture DC
Entre Nous
Free Spirit Alliance
Great Lakes Leather Alliance
Haus of Bubble Tea
House of Rain
House of Saade
Indecent Enterprises
International Deaf Leather
Knot For Everyone (KFE)
Kracken’s Lair
Leather Rose Association of Chicago
Lehigh Valley Meet & Greet
Lifestyle Hookup
Long Island Leather N Roses
Mid OhioRose and Leather (MORAL)
MOB New England
New England Dungeon Society
New England Leather Alliance (NELA)
Montgomery County 20-Somethings
NJ FemDom
NLA Columbus
Northern Delaware D/s
NYC Fetish Tribe
Onyx NY/Northeast
Philly Alt Tribe
Pike County NEPA and Friends
Pittsburgh Bridge
Pleasure Salon
Polyamorous NYC
Polymorphus Perversions
Primal Arts Tribe
Reading/Pottstown Munch Group
Richmond VA TNG
Richmond (VA) Lifestyle Group
Rochester Kink Society
Rope Bite
Sandbox Explorations
Sexy Spirits
The DMV Social Club
The Eulenspiegel Society (TES)
The Gate
The Red Chair
TNG Baltimore
Viviane’s Sex Carnival
VT Rose & Thorn
WMPE Western Mass

Click Here To Become a Participating Group

Becoming a Participating Group

Dark Odyssey is NOT a membership organization. All our attention goes into holding several large events every year where we emphasize creating a safe, sexy, fun and exciting space that is as diverse as the people in the alternate sexuality community. Each year we hold 4 large events with up to 40 national and local presenters teaching classes and participating in special events on BDSM, swinging, Tantra, body modification, Master/slave relationships, erotic role-playing, sacred sexuality, polyamory, Paganism, gender bending, and sexual adventure. We appreciate that everyone has their own fetishes, kinks, and turn-ons, and we strive to make room for them all in an open, tolerant and inclusive atmosphere.

When we formed Dark Odyssey in 2003, we created a program called “Participating Groups” where we invited alternate lifestyle groups to join in the fun. We don’t require that groups actually ‘participate’ at the event, although we love it when they do. The core of the program is simple:

Participating Groups Agree To:

  • Notify their members of our upcoming events.
  • Put our event post cards out during their meetings, parties, etc.
  • Optional – Participate in the event in some manner such as hosting the Hospitality Suite or running a signature special event.

Dark Odyssey Agrees To:

  • List your group (with hyperlink) on the Groups page of our website.
  • Provide your members with a discount off our standard pricing.
  • Give you a free packet stuffing at our events.

Since we have no members, per se, this is not a “reciprocal group” arrangement and no one will be asking for discounts to your meetings or events in our name. Also, this being the internet age, we have developed a loose definition of what constitutes a group. Of course we accept membership organizations, but we also take Munches, Happy Hours, Fetish groups, etc. Our litmus test looks at if your group is active, larger than your immediate family, regularly gathers together (preferably in real time), and exists to talk about or participate in alternative sexual lifestyles. We want people to get out from behind their computers and to join a local group like yours where they can participate all year long! Dark Odyssey exists to cross pollinate ideas and people between the great diversity of groups that exist.

If your group is interested in becoming an official Dark Odyssey Participating Group

Fill out our handy web form at this address: with the info below:

  • Group Name
  • Short Group Description
  • Link to Website or Fetlife Group or official email address
  • Contact Person (Primarily to receive our announcements)
  • Group Contact Name
  • Group Contact Email
  • Group Contact Phone
  • Snail Mail Name
  • Snail Mail Address
  • Snail Mail City, State, Zip

We hope this gives you a good idea of what the program is all about. However if you have any questions please email or feel free pick up the phone and call Greg at 510-206-0875. We would be happy to talk to you about how we can work together to make the scene a fun, exciting and safe place for everyone.