ZigZag Master Panther

༺ZigZag Master Panther༻ (Ze/Zim/He/Him) combines a background in business leadership and dance with zis kinky side to bring a unique perspective to Dark Odyssey. As an educator and performer ZigZag is passionate about bringing more mindful embodiment, improvisation, somatic attunement, intimacy, & trustful edge exploration into kink community events. ZigZag has led workshops at dance events and sex-positive spaces around the world. Some of Zis work include workshops titles such as: Establishing Desirous Consent & Graceful Rejection; Power Exchange in Dance; Deepening Intimacy via Breathwork & Eye-Gazing; and (a few permutations of) Contact Improvisational Dance Workshops. Zis work is further influenced by personal practices in mindfulness meditation, butoh theatre, ethical sadism, primal ravishment play, & radical relational autonomy.

ZigZag is also passionate about spreading and bolstering consent culture in alternative communities. Ze has been an organizer, educator, community builder, and consent-content creator for sexually social spaces that focus on creating comfortable and safe environments for people to overcome taboos and explore the realm of public sexuality at festivals and community gatherings around the world. Zis leadership has touched Burning Man's famous Orgy Dome, That Fucking Camp @ SOAK (the Portland regional burning man event), The Portland Libertine Society, The Touch & Play Festival @ Earthdance (the 1st contact-improv-dance/sexuality/kink-fusion festival in the US), & Camp Free Love at the Midburn festival in Israel.

ZigZag Master Panther's Workshops

Dance. Power. PLAY.

How can we move each other? Through space…and into trustful abandon? Want to expand the creativity in your play? We’ll explore the freedom, presence, and subtle attunement in ourselves and our partner(s) when tracking our scenes through the lense of movement, improvisation, and sensual embodiment. We’ll play with warming up the body, breath, momentum, restricted sight, and weight sharing as doorways to trust and courageous intimacy. Fly. Fall with grace. Companions in gravity.