Zahava Griss

Zahava Griss is the founder of EMBODY more LOVE, healing through dance, bodywork, performance, and coaching. Zahava focuses on social change leaders who are ready for a break through in their sexual and spiritual expression. This work is about the body as our ally in releasing trauma, transforming limiting beliefs, and creating pleasure to access new possibilities in our personal, visionary, and societal lives.

Zahava comes from 30 years of dance training, certifications in Yoga for birth, Esalen Massage, Urban Tantra Practitioner, Pilates, & Health Coaching. Powerful influences include the arts of unlearning racism, Sufi whirling, Sexual Shamanism, bioenergetics, socially conscious entrepreneurship and transformational group dynamics.

Zahava directed Spiritual Nourishment for Conscious Activism in collaboration with Deepak Chopra and has been listening to, speaking in, and facilitating spaces to acknowledge and transform white privilege since 1999 including work with the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond, Sarah Lawrence College, the Re-Evaluating Counseling community, and the national White Privilege Conference. Zahava co-founded White Folks Soul, By Any Dance Necessary, a dance company exploring the incompatibility of wholeness and the race construct for white people.

Zahava Griss's Workshops

Dance. Power. PLAY.

How can we move each other? Through space…and into trustful abandon? Want to expand the creativity in your play? We’ll explore the freedom, presence, and subtle attunement in ourselves and our partner(s) when tracking our scenes through the lense of movement, improvisation, and sensual embodiment. We’ll play with warming up the body, breath, momentum, restricted sight, and weight sharing as doorways to trust and courageous intimacy. Fly. Fall with grace. Companions in gravity.