Vera Leone

Vera Leone ( has been teaching Tantra and offering classes on intimacy and vulnerability to the vanilla world since 2012. Originally from Montana, she now considers herself a honorary California freak. Her "peace & love or fuck off" attitude is sure to
inspire the pants of you. Integrating Tantra and BDSM brings her to a state of so much joy and euphoria that she feels compelled to share
this with the world. Her passion is to assist you in aligning your mind, body, and spirit to your pure sensual energy.

Vera Leone's Workshops

Divine Touch

You are invited to share in this sensuous class on deepening intimacy and understanding the foundation of Pink Tantra. In this workshop, you will explore practices that invoke the pleasure-loving sacred into your everyday. Improve and enhance your natural arousal and sexual capabilities through ancient Tantric disciplines. This is a touchy-feely class, so be prepared to touch and be touched.

Type of workshop: Hands-On

Sacred Dominance, Sacramental Submission

This workshop focuses on melding the sacred and the suffering. Activate the sacred ascendant inside you through carnal seduction. Charge your menial being with fervid sacrifice and honorable devotion. You will explore the art of conjuring a ritualistic experience in both your dominant and submissive sides. With elements of Tantra, Shamanism, and Sadomasochism, you’ll be on the edge of on the verge of titillation and transformation.

Type of workshop: Discussion