True Blue

TrueBlue runs the Bay Area's first rope-dedicated space, VoxBody Studio, has been teaching and performing rope bondage for 6 years, and is most content when either being tied by or tying someone.

She has also facilitated Rope Bottoms roundtables in SF, and presented Rope Bottoming education at Bondage Expo Dallas and Anatomie Studios London.

As a longtime rope bottom who has emerged as a passionate rigger, True Blue brings to her tying a deep understanding for what it means to be in rope, and a well-rounded perspective on physical and emotional needs and possibilities for both partners.

True Blue's Workshops

Rope Bottoms Roundtable

Join your fellow rope bottoms of all genders, shapes, and sizes to discuss something you've been struggling with ... or maybe you have insight to offer! Or maybe you haven't found your voice yet and simply want to absorb the collective insight. Whatever stage you're at in your rope bottoming, come join this roundtable based on the GRUE format (which will be explained in case you're not familiar with it). This is a safe space for rope bottoms or switches who have their rope bottoming hat on. While we appreciate that tops may want to broaden their understanding to enhance the experience for their bottoms, please understand that to foster open discussion, you will be asked to wait for your partner outside the safe space.