Topologist is the founder of Crash Restraint, a free online instructional database of over 200 ties, and creator of the Core Rope Curriculum, a modern educational system for bondage built from the ground up for safety, diversity, and effectiveness. He has invented numerous new techniques, most famously the Somerville Bowline, which since its introduction in 2009 has become perhaps the most widely taught tie of non-Japanese origin. He is the facilitator of Rope Bite SF, and lives in the Mission District of San Francisco, where he teaches weekly classes.

Topologist's Workshops

Rope Buffet and Mixer

A feast for rope beginners and experts alike! Step up to a tying station to learn one of a wide variety of rope techniques on offer from national instructors and local enthusiasts; get paired up with a tying partner at the singles station; browse our library of books for inspiration or show off your moves in the open play area. Need rope to bring to classes the rest of the weekend? Buy some here! If you’re not a rope addict yet, we’ll have you hooked by the time you leave.

Type of workshop: Hands-On, Participation Appreciated