Sunshine enjoys helping others learn more about their kinky desires. She’s been teaching bondage, D/s, and introductory BDSM classes since 2013. She enjoys dominance and sadomasochism, often with a big grin on her face. One of her favorite toys is a flogger made out of rubber ducks.

Sunshine's Workshops

Elements of BDSM Scene Design

So you’re kinky, but now what? How do you figure out what to do? In this class, we’ll explore ways to mix kink into your bedroom or into your life in creative ways. We’ll discuss how to stay inspired and keep things fresh. You’ll come away with tricks and tools for designing BDSM scenes that will keep you and your partner(s) connected, entertained, and aroused, time and time again. Lecture & Demos.

Rope and Heels

All their adult lives, the presenters have been lovers of audibly, visually, and emotionally loud shoes. This class combines their passion for confidence-inspiring footwear with safety, dominance, and free-form rope bondage. Attendees will learn how to walk in heels (or boots) to evoke specific reactions, physical safety for both the wearer and receiver of heels, tips and tricks for confident topping, and basic free-form bondage techniques. No prior experience is needed and bondage practitioners of all skill levels, genders, and sexual orientations are encouraged to participate. Supplies: at least one piece of 20'-30' rope, and that pair of shoes you love/hate to wear. Tops and bottoms are encouraged to wear high heels.

Rope Art Salon (part of the Friday night Exploratorium)

We provide the model, the rope, and the bondage — you show up with your art supplies! Following the traditional drawing session format, we will move from quick, warm-up sketches into 20-minute long poses, with different positions and ties for each pose.

This is a unique opportunity to draw the human figure in restrained poses and beautiful bondage that are often otherwise difficult to obtain.