Stefanos and Shay

Stefanos & Shay are a vivacious, unconventional D/s couple whose entertaining, information-packed classes have been called "better than a Vegas act.” They identify as pansexual polyamorous playsluts, purveyors of perversion, and alliteration fetishists! They are based in San Francisco, where they host over 60 events a year (including BENT, Twisted Windows, Master’s Den, Self-Suspension Open Space, & Bondage-a-Go-Go) and were named King & Queen of Pervert's Prom in 2006!

Shay is a medical professional by day, education director for Dark Odyssey: Surrender and writer/creator of bondage safety repository by night, as well as a prominent self-suspender known for unique, dynamic rigs and prodigious performances. Stefanos is all kink all the time as DM & CEO of Bondage-a-Go-Go, event manager at the SF Citadel, and former Producer/Steward of The Upper Floor on Together they have performed, presented, and hosted around the country and internationally.

Stefanos and Shay's Workshops

A Weave for What Ails You

Whatever your rigging problem, weaving is probably the answer! This class will teach a gorgeous, suspension-worthy chest harness that illustrates weaving techniques, as well as discussing & demonstrating weaving as a general concept that can be integrated into many common ties. Weaving makes your harnesses more comfortable & sustainable, helps maintain tension while keeping bondage flat, and creates a sleek & sexy aesthetic… while also being easy to learn & execute! Chest harness variations for emphasizing breasts, or for flat chests/de-emphasizing breasts, will be shown. Depending on time, a hip harness and side-suspension sequence using these harnesses will also be covered.
Level: Beginning to intermediate. This class is self-tying friendly, however the chest harness is a more intermediate to advanced level self-tie.
Pre-requisites: Basic rope handling skills, single column tie, understanding of reverse tensions
Supplies: 2-3 pieces of ~30 foot rope, 1 piece of ~10-15 foot rope. 6mm recommended, no larger than 8mm.

Type of workshop: Discussion, Demo, Hands-On

First Impressions: Pick-Up Play

“You never have a second chance to make a first impression” — it’s an oft repeated cliché because it’s true! Many crucial “firsts” go into pick-up play: poise, finding compatible partners, confident & empathetic negotiation, and reading your partner during the scene. This highly interactive class focuses on connection and risk awareness, and is geared to both submissives/bottoms and tops/Doms. It includes opportunities to assess your negotiation skills, consider your limits, and participate in roleplay scenarios. Stefanos & Shay will incorporate demonstrations focused on meeting people for pick-up play, negotiation, dynamic bottoming, and body language. (This class contains elements of demo, lecture, discussion, and class interaction.)

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion, Demo

Strike A Pose: Position Training

“Present! Ready! Kneel! Expose! Expose Ass! Apology!”
If you pictured yourself (or your sexy s-type) going through those positions and got excited, this class is for you! Position training has many variations- it can be used to initiate and build a D/s dynamic, to create sadistic predicaments, or as a “dance” of connection between Master and slave (to name just a few!). Stefanos and Shay will discuss and demonstrate specific example positions (like the ones listed above), as well as variations like numbered positions and use of signals. They will also demonstrate types of position training scenes, from yelling out orders like a drill sergeant (with severe punishments for fuck-ups) to delicately guiding a cherished pet through a postures performance. Interactive activities will help you focus on individualizing these positions and scene types to your own personal turn-ons, limitations, interests, and dynamics. (This class contains elements of demo, lecture, discussion, and class interaction.)

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion, Demo, Hands-On