Sacred Mark Sanctuary

At Sacred Mark Sanctuary (SMS), we believe that life's journey can be enriched through spiritual practice, and we cherish those traditions that explore the connection between body and spirit. Some of our favorites are ordeal and ecstatic ritual, alternative relationships and sacred sexuality, ritual body modification, Reiki, energy healing, and the arts. As ritualists, we guide group ordeal experiences, transformative breathwork and meditations, and personal body modifications. As educators, we offer courses and workshops in energy work, BDSM play, relationships, sexuality, body modification, and more. As artists, our performances grip the heart, captivate the mind, and titillate the senses.SMS includes Rhiannon (president), Master Abraham (vice president), Miss Trask (secretary), Redstripe (treasurer), Capt. Gordon, Darianilre, and Moose B. Almighty (ambassadors). The Primal Arts Fires are also made possible by the contributions of dozens of amazing individuals who have dedicated themselves to making our visions a reality. Including fire tenders, drummers, performers, artists, and healers, every person you see wearing our flame symbol has made a significant contribution to the tribe.