Described by his owner as as her non-furry, loyal, submissive, alpha male guard dog, rigel has been teaching and presenting since 2008. He is the co-founder of Touch of Flavor which produces online education, live classes, and conventions. He helped found a non-profit social group for kinksters living in the Northern MD/Southern PA area, and takes an active role in several other organizations throughout DC, VA, PA, and MD. He has presented in the past for Dark Odyssey, TNG Baltimore, DCTNG, Charm City Fetish Fair, BESS, MAsT Baltimore, MAsT Frederick and EPIC.

rigel's Workshops

Sharing is Caring, the Art of Co-Topping!

You have a play partner who is really interested in playing with the both of you, and you are ready to team up as the Dungeon Dynamic Duo. It sounds really hot, but you get no farther than negotiations before you and you co-topper are tripping over each other. It’s awkward. Not only that but your teammate is stealing the show and making you feel like Robin…. You're not Robin, you’re Fucking Batman! Why did you ever decide to co-top anyway? Take a breath and slow down; when it comes to scening, 3 doesn’t have to be a crowd. We will teach you how to negotiate before a scene and maneuver during it so that you, your bottom and your co-topper buddy can all walk away getting satisfied.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion

You Don’t Need a Toybag - Using Your Body as Your Implement

“What the hell did you just do?” A well-stocked toybag is an impressive thing, but we often overlook the sensations we can give our bottom with nothing more than our natural tools. In this hands-on class we’ll explore some of the ways to use our bodies to make our bottoms squeak, yelp, or even cry, including an in depth look at pressure points and other vulnerable parts of the human body, how to best use our bodies to attack all of the above. Biting, Hair pulling, face slapping, spanking and other open-handed strikes to the body. Striking safely with a closed fist. This class is designed to have lots of interaction, so bring a friend to torture or volunteer to be demoed on!

Type of workshop: Discussion, Demo, Hands-On