Rhiannon spent a lot of her youth in the woods or up trees, and has always had a strong connection with the energy of nature. A poly queer femme switch, she has been active in the MD/DC BDSM scene since 2007. President of Sacred Mark Sanctuary since 2013, she previously served as a Steering Committee member of TNG Baltimore for 5 years. Rhiannon is particularly interested in the spiritual and energetic aspects of kink, ritual ordeal as a means of personal growth, and in facilitating these experiences for others. She also holds a PhD in Neuroscience.

Rhiannon's Workshops

Primal Body Play

In an age before whips and chains there were fists and teeth. Before consensual submission there was a fight for domination. Before the safeword was the whimper. Join us to harken back to these roots and explore your primal self. We’ll try out some forms of rough body play, power dynamics, and communication. Come ready to embrace your primal desires!

Type of workshop: Discussion, Hands-On