Prioness is a trans women with a passion for masochism, submission, and all things kink. She has been in the scene since 2013 and teaches classes on bottoming, gender, and Kink 101.

Prioness's Workshops

Evolutionary Bottoming

As timid new bottoms we learn to lay down and get hit. As we grow as we learn skills that help us to identify the good tops, what we need to to do stay safe, and how to negotiate. Essentially, we learn how to get to the 'lie down' part faster and more efficiently. Those skills are crucial for getting past the frenzy that new bottoms experience but they are essentially a baseline that all bottoms need. In this class we will explore what it takes to step up your game beyond gleeful target or clear negotiator into the area of masterful bottom. So come and learn what it takes to bring your bottoming from competent to exemplary.

Intersections of Gender and Kink

There are a lot of uninformed, and at times, silly questions people want to ask about gender, a *whole* lot. What better way to clear things up than by asking you, the audience, some equally useless questions? This class will cover the basics of gender, sex, and expression while posing tough questions like “Should I bring my flogger to the office?”. By the end of the class you’ll better understand what might be important to your partners, how gender can fit in your toy box, how get on to the fun parts without sticking your foot in your mouth, and if I've done my job right, a smile on your face.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion