Princess Kali

Princess Kali takes her kink seriously and has spent over fourteen years exploring not only the how but the why of alternative lifestyles. Her experience working as a professional dominatrix has given her a unique understanding of the motivations behind erotic humiliation play as well as a passion for helping people participate in it more safely and enjoyably. Her dynamic and engaging style of presenting has been welcomed at more than 150 venues including kink events such as Dark Odyssey, Fetish Fair Fleamarket, Kink in the Caribbean, and IMsL as well as mainstream venues such as Harvard University and SXSW.

As the founder of she is a pioneer of the “kinktrepreneur” business model, creating sites such as Kink Academy, Passionate U, and Fearless Press for easy access to adult sex and BDSM education. Her work continues to inspire and support many other kink educators, writers, and enthusiasts.

Princess Kali is currently focusing on personal coaching and group workshops to help people safely discover their own style of kink with the benefit of her experience and guidance. She is also hard at work on her next book Authentic Domination as well as A Deeper Shade of Red, which is the sequel to Enough to Make You Blush. Kali resides in the San Francisco area but travels often for workshops and events.

Princess Kali's Workshops

Dominant Self Care

In erotica and porn, dominance always looks calm, cool and self-assured. But in the real world it’s a lot more complicated than that. The doms that we read about, watch and fetishize effortlessly engineer a cathartic scene for their temporary or long-term partner, dancing along the edge of physical or psychological torment, in the end returning gently to the “real world,” exhausted, renewed, satisfied. These idealized dominants are responsible for brainstorming inspired scene ideas, framing the negotiation and making sure that the submissive communicates clearly, orchestrating emotionally and physically draining sessions, providing the perfect aftercare, all while wearing high-heels or skin-tight leather pants. It can be exhausting! It’s no wonder that even experienced tops can so often feel burned out, like kink has become an obligation instead of a source of joy. It takes a lot to be a dominant, whether it’s for a single scene, or in a longer term D/s relationship. Creativity, confidence, discipline, energy, care and so much more.

This class is designed to help dominants manage expectations – their own and their submissive’s – and to get the care they need to deal with top-drop (yes, top-drop is a real thing), and avoid longer-term kink-burnout. You will learn to let go of scene perfectionism, confront the notion that you’re supposed to be a mind-reader, and deflect the expectation that as a dominant, you’re an inexhaustible engine of unspeakable perversion. Learn how to get the support you need whether it’s from yourself, a well-trained partner or from someone (or somewhere) entirely different.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion

Erotic Slut Shaming – Sexual Humiliation

Erotic Slut-Shaming describes all the wonderful ways to play with transforming society’s disdain for slutty behavior into an erotic and arousing way to play with psychological torment. We’ll discuss a variety of ways to get into (or get your partner into) “slut-space” such as – nudity, sex, masturbation, orgasm control, and so much more!

Type of workshop: Discussion

The Lazy Top’s Guide to Pacing a Scene

Princess Kali has some simple (& some ingenious) tips for the ‘Lazy Top’ on how to effectively and easily set the pace of a scene, whether your kinky play lasts an hour, a weekend or even longer. Learn techniques to guide the timing and intensity of each session so that you are actually in control without having to work too hard at it (this is a ‘Lazy Top’ class after all!). This class can help anyone (new or advanced) learn creative tricks to tame time.

Type of workshop: Lecture