Pepper Mint

Pepper is an educator, event organizer, and activist in the polyamory and BDSM communities in the SF Bay Area. With partners he regularly holds workshops on non-monogamy and and BDSM and occasionally puts on events such as the Threshold play party (, Poly Speed Dating (, and the OpenSF conference ( You can find his writings at

Pepper Mint's Workshops

Jealousy and Boundaries in Non-Monogamy

Any relationship can raise lots of questions, but non-monogamy (such as polyamory or open relationships) adds a whole new level of complexity. Whether you or a partner are thinking about opening up your relationship, you've ever tried it and had it blow up, or you're making it work and would like some new tools, this workshop by Pepper will help you find your way. He'll talk about negotiating boundaries around non-monogamy, managing jealousy, handling social situations, BDSM-specific concerns, and much more. With a little bit of information and thinking, non-monogamy can be much smoother. Come find out how!<br /><br />Presented by <a title="Pepper Mint" href="">Pepper Mint</a>